About Homestead Recovery Residence For Women

Homestead Recovery Residence for WomenOur Goal:

Homestead’s goal is to provide a stable and beautiful living environment to the recovering woman while she builds a foundation in recovery, learns to interact responsibly in a community setting, develops and enhances social skills, while re-entering the work force or continuing her education. We will assist our residents to further their recovery by connecting them with community resources such as vocational rehabilitation, GED educational classes, higher educational opportunities, mental health counseling, twelve step meetings and area churches.

Our Mission:

Homestead provides a stable long term residential living environment for women. Our mission is centered on building a foundation of recovery, learning to interact in a community setting, and re-entering employment or continuing education. 


Sandy Lyndon Atlanta Clarksville GeorgiaAbout Founder Sandy Lyndon:

Homestead was a dream at one time for Sandy. Through hard work and a lot of patience Homestead has developed into a life saving experience for not only her but the women that have come through the recovery program Homestead has to offer.