Homestead Recovery Residence For Women Amenities


Homestead was established in 2009 with the purpose of helping women heal from addiction. We do this by establishing an opportunity for open communication, learning how to live in a community of peers, building a stable working environment while implementing the use of a twelve step program on a daily basis. Homestead’s staff are here to guide our residents toward working with a twelve step sponsor so that she can learn how to be honest about her addiction and what to do to begin traveling the road of recovery. 

Homestead is a twelve bed residence located in the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains. We are nestled into a small valley along with farms, wild life and nature. It is the perfect setting for those who are willing to work on healing from addiction. We believe that love and respect along with guidance through the twelve steps is the needed combination for long term success. 

Homestead’s residents will be expected to attend seven twelve step meetings per week including one mandatory community meeting held on Wednesday evening. There will be weekly random drug screens along with immediate screening for any women suspected of using substances.

Transportation can be provided for those who do not have driver’s license or a car. Transportation can also be provided for women while seeking employment. After the resident is employed compensation for rides to and from work, at the rate of $5.00 per trip, will be initiated. Daily house hold chores  will be assigned and instructions provided as needed. This is a safe, clean, organized, respectful, and loving environment.


Living Room