All counselors must abide by the relevant Code of Ethics for their own profession, i.e. Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Substance Abuse Counselor etc. to include but not be limited to the NAADAC Code of Ethics.

Site/ GARR Ethics Code


1. GARR members should ensure that all employees of each site shall receive an orientation to the GARR and, as applicable, their own site’s Code of Ethics and document their willingness to abide by these principles as a condition of employment.

2. Where applicable, the professional staff at each site shall review their own Code of Ethics annually, if different than that stated herein, for continued relevancy.

3. GARR members should ensure that admitted clients will receive an orientation to their rights and responsibilities including their right to receive ethical care. This shall be documented in the client record.

4. If a site has a website, either their and/ or GARR’s Ethical Code shall be posted thereon.

5. GARR members should ensure that all clients are provided information during their orientation session of the process and steps the client may take to report any ethical or standards violations.

6. GARR members should ensure that no retribution, intimidation, or any negative consequences shall occur if a grievance or complaint has been filed.

Confidential Information

While employed at any site and even thereafter such employment ends, the use of confidential information must never be disclosed to outsiders except with the client’s written authorization or as allowed under Federal and/or state law. No site employee or any GARR member may use, or permit others to use, confidential information for the purpose of furthering a private interest or as a means of making a profit.

GARR Ethics Code