Program Overview



The fee for entrance into Homestead Recovery Residence program is $2000.00 entrance fee plus the first month’s rent of $740.00 (a total of $2740.00). This will allow time for the resident to find employment.

During this period she will be asked to spend forty hours per week seeking employment. If she is interested in continuing her education it is acceptable that she becomes a student at one of the nearby colleges. If financial conditions permit her to not seek employment or become a student then she will be asked to volunteer her time in the community.

After her first month, weekly rent will be $185.00, bi-monthly rent is $370.00 (collected on the first and fifteenth of the month) or monthly rent can be paid at $740.

Homestead’s residents will be expected to attend seven twelve step meetings per week including one mandatory community meeting held on Wednesday evening. There will be weekly random drug screens along with immediate screening for any women suspected of using substances.

Transportation can be provided for those who do not have driver’s license or a car.  Transportation can also be provided for women while seeking employment. After the resident is employed compensation for rides to and from work, at the rate of $5.00 per trip, will be initiated. Daily household chores  will be assigned and instructions provided as needed. This is a safe, clean, organized, respectful, and loving environment.